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Executive Health Solutions provides health management programs to companies and executives across Australia. The health of a company’s key people is vital to the health of the business and the best investment to make, to minimise absenteeism, maximise productivity and increase your attraction and retention rate. Three different programs that involve comprehensive medical and lifestyle screenings are offered to suit each company’s needs.

Executive Health Solutions contracted Ripe to update their current website that would revitalise their brand and reach new customers.  This was in line with the launch of the EHS Wellbeing Index which is a validated measure of overall health performance of an executive group compared to a global database of their peers.  They were also launching their new consumer product, Life First, on the back on this initiative.

To ensure a holistic approach was taken, Ripe could not proceed with the EHS website development until they spent time to understand the overarching business goals to clarify the role of the new EHS website, the introduction of the Wellbeing Index and the launch of Life First.  A brand foundation was instrumental in uncovering key brand insights and deciding that the heritage of the EHS brand was critical in building credibility for the launch of their new programmes. A sophisticated, clean and informative website was the result. Ripe was vital to this design, with one of our top designers, Jenica Smith, working extensively with the Communications Manager of Executive Health Solutions, to help pinpoint the exact requirements and creative direction necessary. Through a considered and caring approach, Jenica created a website that suited both the needs of its owners and attracted the interest of its desired clients.

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Executive Health Solutions Responsive Website Design




Executive Health Solutions Website Design

Launching the new EHS website with a much improved user experience has resulted in a 20% increase in total visitors with no increase in advertising expenditure.