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King of Cakes

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To achieve the business goals and vision of King of Cakes, the purpose, personality and target audience of our client had to be carefully considered and understood. For this purpose, Ripe has been working extensively with the King of Cakes team to create a Brand Foundation. This Brand Foundation clearly outlined the initial status of King of Cakes, and their business and marketing needs. The character of King of Cakes and their brand philosophy was also crucial in these considerations.

A brand style guide was also developed by the Ripe team to ensure that all artwork created was cohesive and in line with the brand personality. This style guide was created in consultation with King of Cakes, to ensure clear understanding and satisfaction across all levels of work.

Social media has played an important role in spreading the love that King of Cakes has for their baked goods with food images so good, you almost want to lick the screen! Both the social media and blog content informed customers about special events, products and the unique character of the King of Cakes team.

Digital advertising has also been developed for King of Cakes, to work on both a brand awareness and retail retargeting level.

King of Cakes Social Media

Utilizing the marketing strategy genius, creative style and digital advertising skills of the Ripe Solutions team, we were able to revitalize the King of Cakes brand to reinvigorate sales and increase brand awareness.