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Life First caters to busy consumers who want to put their Life First by prioritising their health, wellbeing and quality of life. Their team includes experienced Doctors, Exercise Physiologists, Health Coaches and Nutritionists who all have extensive knowledge in the fields of preventative health care. Together, they have crafted a range of packages to suit every type of patient and their needs.

Life First initially partnered with Ripe Solutions to simply create a website to launch this new product. Ripe quickly realised that it was much more than just a website! The first step was to understand the business and a brand foundation was facilitated.  This process was critical in defining an integrated digital and creative strategy to launch this exciting new product, including search and social media.

Whilst Life First is a B2C company, its sister company, Executive Health Solutions, is its B2B counterpart. It was a great challenge for Ripe to create assets for these two companies, who while very similar in many ways, are also starkly different in the role that they play for their clients.

The creative design of this work took into account the importance of a healthy, hedonistic lifestyle to Life First, steering away from the usually corporate, overly informative style of medical based websites. Similarly, the social media elements created intend to engage the interest of the audience and make them think about their health and how they can improve it for maximum enjoyment in life. A Blog calendar was created to provide Life First’s audience and the wider community with long form content on why Life First is necessary for a healthy lifestyle.

The differences between Life First and Executive Health Solutions were effectively incorporated into the overarching strategy and the design of the online presence for each client. Life First’s presence is vibrant and clearly informative and effectively informs its audience about their health.

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Life First Mobile Website Design by Ripe Solutions

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Life First Website Design by Ripe

Partnering with Ripe resulted in a clearly defined brand strategy and digital approach to launch the new Life First business with effective website and social media. With an increase of over 247% in direct traffic, the result has been a significant increase in brand awareness. A great start!