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Subway® Any 2 Wraps

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Whilst Subway® Restaurants are renowned for its tasty subs, we were tasked with reminding customers that wraps are also offered at Subway® Restaurants across Australia. The “Any Two Wraps” campaign had to focus on raising awareness of this product as a healthier alternative as well as promoting value for money with a strong retail offer – any 2 for $10!

To promote the Subway® Wraps offer, a fully integrated communication strategy was developed.  Each channel had a role to play in conveying the value equation of quality, quantity and choice at the great price of $10.  It was critical to have a balance between the retail message and the new branding platform of “Eat Well. Go”.

The video production approach was to remind customers that Subway® provides you with the good energy that helps power you through the day.  To further keep in line with the new Eat Well GO branding, gorgeous illustrative techniques were used throughout the advertising campaign. These illustrations were created in house and featured tomatoes ripening and bursting into life on a lush, growing vine, to intuit the freshness of the ingredients. This technique linked the entirety of the advertising campaign of Video, Radio, In-store signage, digital advertising and social media in both an animated and static format.

Any Two Wraps was a bright and colourful campaign that effectively targeted the main markets in Subway’s audience whilst staying true to their overall brand message.

Subway Any 2 Wraps Digital Advertising 

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This campaign had great success with Subway’s audience, with customer demand leading to this being one of the most repeated campaigns for Subway in 2016. Oh…and wraps sales increased by over 200%!