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Subway® Surf Series

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Working with many Subway® local markets, we are always on the look out for opportunities that fit naturally with the Subway® brand.  An exciting opportunity that Ripe identified was to attach the Subway® brand to one of the most exciting and up-and-coming sports on the planet: surfing.

Subway Surf Series Social Media

Surfing represents the pinnacle of man vs. nature in a real, active, natural and healthy sport.  Subway® is a brand that supports it's customers’ wish to eat healthier food and get out and enjoy a natural, happy and healthy lifestyle.  The fit between the Eat Well Go rebranding of Subway® and surfing was obvious, so we started conversations with Surfing Australia to uncover any opportunities to leverage this perfect fit between the sport and this brand.

Without Ripe’s understanding of Subway’s business and proactive approach, this opportunity would not have come to life!

The surf series was born

Through many discussions with Surfing Australia it quickly became apparent that a huge opportunity existed and we realised that this opportunity was bigger than a local market could support and as such, we took the idea nationally. From here the Subway® Surf Series was born.  Subway® sponsored the series, which encompassed 11 events showcasing the best in Australia's upcoming surfing talent from all over the country. The series ran across the summers of both 2014/15 and 2015/16 and will continue to run in future summers.  Events extend from the Queensland Sunshine Coast down to Tasmania and all the way across to the Margaret River in the west. 

Subway Summer Surf Series Ambassadors

To quickly raise the profile of these events Ripe negotiated with Surfing Australia to bring on board two high profile professional surfing ambassadors.  World Champ Joel Parkinson 'Parko' and young female up-and-comer Laura Enever are enthusiastic and inspiring mentors to the young, aspiring surfers and are the perfect fit to partner with Subway®.





























With Ripe’s extensive understanding and passion for Subway’s business, we were perfectly positioned to be proactive and create this ideal sponsorship to the Subway® rebranding of Eat Well Go. Not only did it increase brand awareness of the new direction, it also helped consumers to re-engage with the Subway brand.