The Case of the Surprise Doughnuts

6 May 2015, by Annaleise Valle, 1 Comment

Usually detective cases are set-up when something goes missing or has vanished out of the blue but not this one. This has been opened up for the surprise donut delivery we received.

At approximately 10am this morning, a box of 6 donuts from Doughnut Time were delivered by a young lady to our office.

“These doughnuts are for you” is all she said, before she vanished... Well not really, she just walked out the front door. Then the chatter started...

Excitement and Chinese whispers about who ordered this doughnut delivery to our office.

Our first internal suspects (Bronte and Annaleise)… not guilty.

Our second internal suspect (Jess), walked out of the bathroom and was grilled about her involvement... but she was also not guilty.

So if they are not guilty… that leaves us with the following questions:

  1. Who ordered these delicious doughnuts? (Not us that’s for sure.)
  2. Are these doughnuts for us? (Most likely.)
  3. Are they laced with a little something something? (Possibly.)
  4. Is this a good viral marketing strategy by Doughnut Time to spread the word about their delicious quirky doughnuts? (Probably the most obvious.)

Now we may never find out the answer to these questions… And we no longer care… because in Rob’s words… ‘Too bad if they aren’t for us because I’ve already licked them all!’

Thanks whoever you are… those doughnuts were just too damn good.

Ps…. And, if they were laced… the office will be out for the afternoon.


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Mmmmm, doughnuts... Arrgglllrrrllrrrll
Homer Simpson

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