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UFC GYM is a different type of fitness centre that helps you to TRAIN DIFFERENT. With exclusive access to UFC athletes, ongoing analysis of their training and nutrition regimens, and their incorporation as program advisors and coaches, UFC GYM makes elite training available to everyone. They are a family-friendly fitness centre where members can enjoy a wide variety of workouts and get the most out of their fitness.

Ripe was contracted to be UFC GYM’s digital marketing body for their Australian launch in 2016. The key components to this marketing strategy were to design a user-friendly website and social media campaign. These elements were designed with a two-tiered intent to initially attract franchisees and then to create a campaign to gain members. Stepping through these two tiers of targeting proved to be an interesting and engaging challenge for Ripe to employ different tactics to gain the attention of the different audiences.

The website design is bold and powerful, just like the client and aims to make the user-experience as straightforward as possible, whether you want to own a franchise, become a member or find out more about the services UFC GYM offers.

The content that Ripe has created for the website and social media has the purpose of inspiring new franchisees and members to join the UFC GYM family and motivating them to stay in this family.

Another layer of Ripe’s content creation was to inform the audience with health-focused content that will engage their readership and make them trust UFC GYM.

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Ripe has worked as the entrusted partner to UFC GYM to deliver effective digital strategies resulting in outstanding franchisee lead generation – more than they can handle in their start-up phase – what an outstanding start!